A wolf was drinking from a river when he happened to spy a lamb lapping up a little water downstream.

“Oh yes,” said the wolf to himself. “There is my supper!  All I need is a good excuse to get it.  Then I will have both my food and my water!”

“Hey there!  Little Lamb!  What do you mean by mudding up my drinking water?” growled the wolf.

“I’m sorry,” said the lamb. “But I can’t be muddying up the water.  I’m using only the tip of my tongue, and I’m downstream from you, so I couldn’t disturb the water further up where you are standing.”

“Don’t argue with me! The wolf growled.  “I know all about you! You’ve been going around for six months saying mean things about me, telling everyone that I am trouble.  But you are the trouble maker, and I should take care of that right now.”

“That can’t be” the small lamb protested.  “I was born only three months ago.”

“Well, snapped the wolf, if it wasn’t you, it was your father, and that is just as bad.”

And before the lamb could say another word, the wolf sprang on the poor creature and ate her up.


“A bad excuse is good enough for a bully”

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