______________________________________________________________HOW TO BE AN ALLY


    • Discuss the title of the novel and its significance. Do you remember Aesop Fables from when you were younger? Which fables do you remember?
    • Stories have been used for centuries to teach people about values and ethics. What parallels did you see in the fables and Leda and Jonathan’s stories?
    • What is friendship? Describe the important elements of Leda’s relationships with Jonathan, Kira, Ricky, and Ollie. Is she ever really friends with any of them? Can friendship mean something different to different people? Cite different passages in the novel as evidence of your opinion.
    • Leda feels caught between speaking up for her friend and turning her boyfriend in to the police. Are her concerns legitimate?
    • What keeps Leda in her relationship with David? How do you know when a relationship is healthy?
    • What does Jonathan struggle with after the night at the reservoir? How does Ricky help him to manage his feelings?
    • The second fable is about persuasion. When do you use the power of persuasion to change someone’s mind? How do you know if they will take action just because they change their mind?
    • The third fable is about unity, and in today’s political climate people often feel the need to band together to make their voice heard. How does Leda find her voice? What issues do you feel your community needs to band together to address?
    • Do you ever find yourself challenged to be an ally to someone who is different than you? What is something you have tried, that works? What advice would you give others?


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