Saturday mornings my husband and I go to yoga class. An hour of stretching, breathing, waking up our bodies, minds and spirits. Almost every morning that we attend I lay in bed at 7am and think, “its so warm under the covers” and contemplate rejecting the whole plan. As winter has progressed, the days colder and snowy, staying tucked in is much more appealing than pulling on the yoga pants, finding a comfortable top, layering on a long-sleave cover and then tossing back a smoothie. 

I wanted a purpose, beyond “its good for me” to get my feet to touch the cold floor. So in the fall I started to dedicate my sessions to others.  Initially, I’d just wait and see who popped into my head.  My siblings, my children, a co-worker’s daughter who struggles with mental health…. all became the focus of my sessions. A name and an image of that person would bubble up from my week and then I spent the hour breathing and stretching and sending positive health and energy to them. Sometimes the images are so strong that I am flooded with love, as if the person is returning my energy tenfold. I carry the energy of that session with me for the rest of the day.

Lately, my dedications have taken on a different meaning. I have the good fortune of excellent health.  I’m acutely aware that many are struggling with heath issues that I have never had to face, and hope I never will. Currently I know eight people who are fighting cancer, either for themselves or with a loved one, and I’m struck by the intense resources and support that is needed to sustain the day-in and day-out challenges. The multiple doctors appointments, medical tests, surgeries, chemo and/or radiation treatments, all intended to cure, heal or extend the life of those with this dreadful diagnosis.  I can only imagine the impact that this has on family, children, parents and loved ones for each of them.  I offer them my support, have raised money, donated money, offered my guest room, and although I am not in their inner circles, I know that they are being well cared for and loved.

What I can do, is dedicate my yoga sessions to them.  I can offer an hour of my week, my focused attention and intention on their healing, on the easing of their pain.  I can breath in and out, and send them the energy that I feel, from the good health that I am blessed to enjoy and pray that it will envelop them in love and positive energy.

So, for future yoga sessions, I dedicate them to Meghan, Diane, Shari, Alix, Greta, Tim, Lauren, and Maggie. Perhaps others will join me in sending them love to lift them up and help them stay #strong.

4 thoughts on “I Dedicate My Yoga Session To You…

  1. In recent months, I find myself often dedicating my practice to a person in my life whom I struggle with, who seems so not-at-peace with self, or the world. The alternative, writing this person off, is not acceptable to me. I hope that in some small way, the positive energy I send will make a difference, if not to the person, at least to me.

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