2015, a new year.  An opportunity to revitalize some aspect of our lives.  Taking on too many resolutions will lead to quick failure, and yet the excitement of a fresh new calendar, sharpened pencils and a blank notebook fills my head with visions of greater-than-life goals.  I WILL finish editing my novel, keep a monthly blog, write a short story, join the spring poetry class, participate in NANOWRIMO again and start a new novel… It sounds so wonderful, until I start factoring in reality, like my full-time job, my parenting responsibilities, the committees I sit on, the choir I committed to, the class I teach on Monday nights.

Balance… keeping my life in balance is the first priority.  No one has offered me a big paycheck to write (yet), so I need to keep my day job, and of course, my family is essential to my happiness… so those tasks that sometimes feel like they get in the way of my writing, are often critical to the forward movement of our positive family life.

My writing group keeps me plugging away… no matter how little time I commit to my writing, they are always there, at least twice a month, encouraging me.  Everyday events can inspire: songs, stories, conversations with my daughters, an exchange with a stranger, a tweet, a post.

So for 2015 I resolve to keep editing Aesop Lake and be open to inspiration.  I will reach for balance each day, giving myself the time I need to write.

What are your resolutions?

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